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Ultimate Software Technology Review

While the Ultimate Software solution does operate in a multi-tenant SaaS architecture (helping to increase efficiencies as well as the pace of innovation), the company still allows for organizations to decide whether to have Ultimate host the data or permit the client to host locally; Further, with purchased HR software licenses still being used, it is a certainty that multiple instances of the HCM software are being run, giving rise to the management issues associated with multi-product delivery and customer support.

System Integration Capabilities

Ultimate Software has a self-described "open approach" SaaS model to system integration—an approach that is based on secure integration and data exchange tools, such as Web Service APIs and Enterprise Application Integration tools. Ultimate's enterprise integration tools give the ability to interface with 3rd-party software and legacy applications such as accounting software, ERP systems, 401(k) plans and benefit providers, etc. Further, UltiPro's scheduling tools provide customers with the ability to control inter-system data transfers while keeping watch on security capabilities for data exchange.

Software Customization Capabilities

UltiPro software customization capabilities are really more akin to "system administration" and software configuration. For instance:

  • Configuration options that focus on usability allow for the UI tailoring of the look and content of the UltiPro portal, including "branding" the portal to match a specific style. Further, users can create virtually unlimited content, including company communications, forms, documents, links to Web sites and other products, and more, and tailor that content by individual, role, department, company, etc. Individual users can further personalize the UltiPro portal by selecting preferences for language (English, Spanish, or French), date format, and placement and order of home-page content.

    UltiPro's content management tool also allows for portal content creation–including text, links to Web sites and e-mail addresses, files, images, and more. A built-in visual editor allows content to be formatted easily and automatically translated into HTML for portal display.
  • UltiPro also leverages a built-in conditional workflow engine that is flexible, user-friendly, and designed to make simple business process changes more efficient. Organizations select the level of approvals required (unlimited) for each type of change and designate the approvers – by individual or role. Business processes and approval path(s) are determined at runtime depending on the conditions specified in the data submitted.

    UltiPro further provides flexible business rules that can be updated by authorized HR/payroll staff and system administrators directly from the UltiPro portal, including rules for organizational levels, deduction/benefit plans, loan types, paid-time-off plans, and more. From that point, role-based security protects the privacy of your workforce data by defining system access controls based on an individual's role within the organization. Employees see only information that is appropriate to their role (or multiple roles).

While helpful, these system administration functions don't match the capabilities of a Platform as a Service (PaaS) type visual software customization toolkit, and fail to aid a business analyst the ability to truly customize the application software or create new objects or new applications from scratch. Further, the vendor does not indicate whether a sandbox environment is provided in order to test any modified application functionality. These limitations may be significant. Without a PaaS type visual tool to permit software customization without modifying source code and permit modifications to be uploaded as layers of abstraction between data logic and application logic, customers may be forced to either live without modifications or incur source code changes with potential negative impacts such as impaired vendor support, increased system administration and complications with future software upgrades. Further, the lack of a PaaS type toolkit prevents business partners and ISVs (independent software vendors) from developing third party add-on products in a similar manner, which also explains why Ultimate Software does not yet offer an online ecosystem or third party programs.

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Ultimate Software Review



Ultimate Software HR/Payroll Review



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