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Additional Ultimate Software HR and Payroll Capabilities

Additional HR and payroll functionality which are often included in an HRMS software selection project include the following capabilities.

  • Recruitment
    Interestingly enough, given the company's internal focus on improved recruitment, the UltiPro Recruitment module is not robust and functions more like a glorified Applicant Tracking System (ATS) than a full-fledged Recruitment solution. While the UltiPro portal does provide a unified User Interface (UI) for managers, applicants, and employees to experience, there is no competitive differentiation with this module (i.e. all ATSs track and manage tasks such as posting open jobs, reviewing resumes, screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and conducting background checks). What is competitively different with UltiPro's Recruitment module is that social technologies—such as social media and social networks integration—is not integrated in any sort of substantive manner, a fact that will be a huge deficit in the future if not corrected.
  • Workforce Analytics and Reporting
    This module represents UltiPro's unified reporting and business intelligence tools, and is aimed at gaining visibility into workforce areas such as HR, payroll, benefits, tax, recruitment, and performance. The biggest aspect of this module is the roles-based access which is used to specify parameters for reporting, queries, and analyses. UltiPro's tools within this module (as well as real-time alerts and dashboards) can aid in the analysis of workforce metrics such as turnover trends and benefit costs as well as provide access to commonly requested reports on headcount, recruitment activity, average salary, general ledger reporting, and more. HR reporting is very strong, but more advanced analytics such as data warehousing, data mining, data modeling and predictive analytics are not available.
  • Tax Filing and Wage Attachment Disbursement
    This is a module designed to guard against filing errors through process outsourcing. This outsourcing arrangement is set up so that the system deposits federal, state, and local tax liabilities; files all monthly, quarterly, and annual tax returns via paper, e-file, or magnetic media; balances quarter-to-date and year-to-date deposits to liabilities; provides new-hire and multi-worksite reporting to appropriate agencies. In addition, organizations required to process third-party payments on behalf of employees for items such as child support, tax levies, and creditor garnishments, can leverage the UltiPro Wage Attachment Disbursement as a way to manage the payment process.
  • Mobile Technology
    UltiPro has extended manager and employee portal access to Apple's iPhone through a downloadable "app". Functionally, the application provides mobile access to the UltiPro "Inbox" so that approvals can be pushed for Manager Self-Service (MSS) options such as compensation increases, position changes, and leave requests; or Employee Self-Service (ESS) for company directory searches. Unfortunately, this application suffers from a lack of functional build-out and follow-through for both the MSS and ESS options. As such, this feature needs a tremendous amount of work before a glowing review can be given—a fact that customers themselves know (and voice) all too well.
  • Social Technology
    Ultimate Software leverages the UltiPro Ideas portal; an online social community portal that allows for ideation, idea submissions, best practice discussions, and search capabilities for specific issues. Further, requests for features that are discussed through the UltiPro Ideas portal are some of the most important drivers for the UltiPro product roadmap. This activity, in turn, lets Ultimate Software more fully understand what will have the most impact on customers (who Ultimate sees as partners). The continuous innovation that happens through this venue has netted 203 implementable customer ideas (all of which are slated to be released before the end of 2012). An interactive blog (Connect with US) is also available for news information and limited feedback.
  • International Support
    Ultimate Software lacks global outposts staffed for broad international representation and services delivery. The HR software also lacks regionalization for areas outside North America. However, one of the most oft-cited complaints for the UltiPro solution is the fact that English, Spanish, and French are the only supported languages—an incredibly curious verity given the marketing collaterals that tout the company as "global". Though additional languages will likely be supported in future releases, Ultimate isn't releasing any details about which languages will be added, nor when those functionalities will be included.

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