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Silkroad Talent Management Software Review


SilkRoad Technologies Life Suite Review: Recruiting and Onboarding

SilkRoad’s talent management capabilities are wrapped up in a unified, multi-tenant SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) system that the company refers to as its Life Suite (comprised of the modules OpenHire, RedCarpet, WingSpan, GreenLight, Point, Eprise, and HeartBeat). Unlike a number of other vendors in the HCM and talent management software space however, SilkRoad offers customers the capability to leverage the entire suite or select a la carte the functionalities they find most compelling. While undoubtedly flexible (and certainly appealing to a wider audience than might normally be interested in a smaller vendor’s point solutions), SilkRoad’s approach has also created a situation whereby they are mostly known for one specific feature set, On-boarding (aka SilkRoad’s RedCarpet). Granted, industry accolades and recognition are slowly eroding this perception, but (at least for now) the bulk of customers are signing up for this solution alongside the vendor’s recruiting module (OpenHire). This is a reality that SilkRoad is steadily changing, and the additional elements that the company has crafted to date prove that when it comes to integrated talent management, few providers in the space can offer the same collective capabilities. Here we take a look at what exactly those offerings are and what makes them stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

SilkRoad’s OpenHire for Recruiting

As mentioned in the introduction to SilkRoad’s capabilities, OpenHire utilizes a number of partnerships (i.e. Indeed, HireVue, HireRight, etc.) straight out of the gate to accomplish many of the tasks traditionally associated with this particular talent management module—effectively leveraging these task-specific point solutions to drive a rather impressive and robust recruitment solution. Of course, OpenHire doesn’t have all its functionality tied up in partnerships, and the most requested recruitment features are there; including supporting: multiple document file types, multiple hiring workflows (e.g. high-volume hourly workers, contingent labor, salaried employees, volunteers, and alumni), resume parsing, built-in (and integrated 3rd-party) screening tools, position matching, mass applicant email capabilities, and integration with tools such as Microsoft Outlook.

And as is the case for a number of HR vendors within the talent management software space, OpenHire provides the chance (and consequently the tools needed) for businesses to brand their recruitment portals for attracting and engaging with potential applicants. In fact, OpenHire’s Portal Studio is one of the talent management industry’s top recruiting applications explicitly designed to both engage and excite potential applicants—providing pre-built functionalities for adding photos, text, video, and blogs. Further, from our review of these capabilities for SilkRoad and other vendors, it’s clear that OpenHire goes one step beyond what most of the company’s competition does—ensuring that these portals can be created (and modified) by non-technical staff. And that same principle applies to the tools that recruiters can avail themselves of through the system. They’re intuitive, simple, and (through OpenHire’s one-click dashboard) can enable these professionals to access only the applicant and/or system information that is most relevant and actionable.

SilkRoad’s RedCarpet for On-Boarding

Based on the integrated elements of Life Events, E-Forms, Task Management, and Compliance, SilkRoad’s RedCarpet application is hands-down the most popular and compelling aspect of this vendor’s solution set; due in no small part to the software’s simplicity and laser focus on the user experience. To begin with, RedCarpet utilizes personalized and secure portals that newly-hired employees will need and enjoy. And while that feature set isn’t one that is only available via SilkRoad, the fact of the matter is that the depth of functionality for these portals is unmatched in the industry.

Going further, this application’s main benefits shine in the capabilities that are available for hiring managers and HR administrators. Namely, the transition of new hires can be eased by the system’s intuitive approach to automating task management workflows for on-boarding tasks; making the often time-consuming processes associated with this aspect of the employment relationship move incredibly fast. For instance, with RedCarpet, managers can leverage standardized task assignments, pre-populated forms, color-coded dashboards, language/policy customization capabilities, and built-in compliance reports; all based on position, department, and/or location. Further, along with the fact that the user interface (UI) for completing these tasks uses simple, point-and-click functionality (and resembles a Microsoft look and feel), administrators can easily add in dependencies so that completion of one task automatically creates another in the series.

Of course, any on-boarding software worth its salt can’t just simply handle task automation; it has to be able to integrate into additional system components such as recruitment, performance, and learning in order to be truly effective. RedCarpet leads the market in terms of that specific functionality and can in fact seamlessly integrate and share data with not only its own Life Suite modules, but also other legacy systems and service providers for elements such as background checks and tax credit searches. Given the fact that the bulk of these capabilities fall under the bailiwick of the system’s newest feature set Point though, the specifics of how this integration is handled will be covered in more depth in the following section on collaboration.

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Silkroad Review



Silkroad Review



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