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Sage HR Software Review


An Independent HRMS Review

The Sage HRMS product is offered in suites or software modules; rising in functionality (and price) depending on which suite is selected. For instance, the "Stand Alone" or "base" package consists of the software modules of: Employee Records and Personnel Actions; HR Compliance; Benefits Administration; Absence Management; Reporting (Standard and Custom); and Data Import/Export. The "Select" package adds the capabilities of: Field, Screen, and Dashboard Customization as well as Training Administration. Finally, the "Workforce" package adds in the modules of: Employee Analytics; Web Portal (Content and Communication); Employee Self-Service; and Manager Self-Service.

All packages also have the optional add-ons of Sage Payroll, Sage TimeSheet, Sage OrgPlus, and Sage Alerts. HR software capabilities are simply toggled on or off depending on the level of software performance that is needed. While these HR software packages and optional add-ons certainly represent flexibility, unfortunately segmenting out each capability into a separate module that must be purchased additionally is cumbersome and costly. Key functionality for the core HR software solution is as follows:

  • HRMS
    The base element of the Sage HRMS solution, functionality for this module includes critical information access (for demographics, insurance and savings benefits, skills, education, compensation, and employee attachments); comprehensive benefits capabilities (for tracking unlimited benefit plans, generating reports, defining eligibility criteria, and automatically calculating costs); Time-off Management; FMLA tracking; U.S. and Canadian Compliance reporting; basic analytics (including approximately 100 standard reports); advanced customization (including menus/panels, actions, and toolbars); and import/export capabilities (including the ability to create and deploy reusable templates).
  • Payroll
    Key functionality includes: Flexible Payroll Processing; U.S. and Canadian Tax Management and Reporting (including quarterly updates and efiling by Aatrix); Comprehensive Reporting and Compliance (including earnings/benefits/deductions analyses); variable pay plans; extended pay frequency sets; earnings and deductions support; Sage ERP and accounting software integration (including import/export tools); Self-Service (which includes payroll access and history), and finally payroll cards for ease-of-use in paying employees.
  • Benefits Enrollment
    Available as an optional add-on to Sage Employee Self-Service (and requiring Sage HRMS), Sage Benefits Enrollment features functionality such as: flexible project creation/set-up (driven by wizards and customer-defined criteria); automated workflows (which allow for changes to be made in current-state rather than batch updates); life events management; benefit plan integration; election comparisons; HRMS/Payroll integration; 24/7 browser-agnostic access; administrator customization; and guided enrollment processes.
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS)
    A key to any effective HRMS solution, Sage's Employee Self-Service module features the functionalities of: Personal Information Access (including skills, events, current job, employment history, and performance reviews); Time-Off Management (where employees can view time-off balances, available attendance plans, absence transactions, and query/edit/delete time-off requests); and Benefits/Payroll Information Access. This module also includes manager features such as time-off management, job information access, system workflow approval rights and notification settings.
  • Cyber Recruiter
    Coming in 3 separate software packages with increasing functionality, Cyber Recruiter is available as "Express" (featuring: a full-service Applicant Tracking System for managing openings/applicants, configurable screen layouts/content/workflow, and site maintenance tools); "Professional" (which adds the features of: employee referral tracking, report writing, hiring manager access, advanced resume parsing, configurable dashboards, and an agency portal); and "Enterprise" (which has the added functionality of: organization/group-specific set-up/workflow, cross-group reporting, central job board with redirects for applicants, and a central applicant pool for searching across all entities).

Additional HR software functionality in the forms of talent management, learning management, and performance management is offered through the Endorsed Vendor solution of Cornerstone OnDemand—which provides an integrated best-of-breed solution for all 3 product suites.

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Sage HRMS Software Review



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