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Sage HRMS Software Review


Sage HRMS Hosting & Software Pricing

Data Center Hosting & Service Level Agreement

Sage HRMS comes with a range of hosting options from do-it-yourself to managed hosted solutions.

Option 1: Self-Hosted / On Premise
In this scenario, each client buys, implements, manages, upgrades and maintains all hardware and software.

  • Server and Software – the client can install Sage HRMS onto an existing server or choose to purchase a new server. The later option is normally selected so as to not incur technical issues when commingling multiple business applications on a single server. In addition to the Sage HR application software, the customer is responsible for purchasing supporting software licenses such as SQL Server, Windows, XP, Microsoft Office, backup, antivirus, firewalls, etc...
  • Data Center - the server is stored and managed at the client's location.
  • Server Management – the client performs all server software installations and manages the server and backups.
  • Sage HRMS License – the client is responsible for purchasing the license(s) to use Sage HRMS software.

Option 2: Managed Server-in-a-Box
This appliance type solution is offered through the partner firm Applianz and allows for a managed environment while giving the benefit of application/data ownership.

  • Server and Software - Delivered in a packaged bundle to the customer. The server is part of the package and comes pre-configured with the Operating System.
  • Data Center - The server may be hosted remotely by Applianz or or on site by the customer.
  • Server-related Software Installation - Applianz manages all software.
  • Server Management - Applianz is responsible for automatic off site backups, remote access, network monitoring, and system replacement.
  • Sage HRMS License – the client is responsible for purchasing the license(s) to use Sage HRMS.

Option 3: Hosted Managed Solution
Because Sage HRMS is a single tenant database architecture, and not a multi-tenant architecture, hosting providers generally apply a server virtualization approach for remote hosting. nGenX provides Sage HRMS software in a virtual environment, thereby eliminating the need to deploy individual servers. Instead, clients access their licensed Sage HRMS software and corresponding data remotely from the nGenX data center. nGenX provides access to the server and software.

  • Server and Software - nGenX is responsible for providing the server and software.
  • Data Center - nGenX manages the data center environment (ping and power).
  • Server-related Software Installation - nGenX manages all software.
  • Server Management - nGenX performs automatic offsite backups, remote access, network monitoring, and system replacement.
  • Sage HRMS License – the client is responsible for purchasing the license(s) to use Sage HRMS.

Sage indicates that data centers are SAS70 Type II certified and host many existing clients; however, it should be noted that no ISO-certification (the gold standard in data handling/information security) was present.

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is provided as part of hosting services for clients and does provide a minimum guaranteed uptime as well as financial credits for any situations that fall outside of those SLA guidelines. However, specific details about those guarantees and credits were not disclosed by the vendor.

Sage HRMS Software Pricing

Sage declined to disclose pricing for the Sage HRMS software; however, Sage did indicate that the pricing model for the Sage HRMS solution is based off of the number of active employees that the system actually stores in the database; the number/type of modules needed; and the choice between client and partner hosting. Further, the HR software is not available in a SaaS subscription pricing model, so traditional software licensing and annual maintenance fees apply.

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Sage HRMS Software Review



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