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Though still relatively young, Open Source Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) are rising in popularity because of the inherent "alternatives" the HR software brings to the table. In direct competition with giants like Oracle and SAP, these open source business software applications provide companies with the chance to tailor the HR technology to meet specific industry, regulatory, or organizational requirements. Whether for reasons of flexibility or fiscal constraints, open source HR systems can give usable and valid choices that fall outside of traditional HR vendors. Open Source HR

Open Source HR Software

Low acquisition costs, the utmost extensibility, new delivery channels such as SaaS and the cloud, freedom from vendor lock-in and growing support from ecosystems are driving increased attention and exploration of open source HR systems. This channel focuses on open source HR software news, views, research, experience and insight.

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"Open"ed-Up: An Initial Review of OrangeHRM Software
orangeHRM software OrangeHRM is the leader in open-source Human Resource software and has now added a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) premium version to generate more revenue. This brief review of the OrangeHRM software offering focuses on the features, drawbacks, and a conclusion of whether this open-source HR solution is ready for the open field.
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The Top 5 Open-Source Learning Management Systems
HR Given the rising tide of open-source adoptions across the globe, it's understandable that parsing out which solutions might be "best-of-fit" for a function like Learning & Development could be difficult. To help with that task, we've put together our list of the positives and negatives for the top 5 open-source Learning Management Software solutions.

Featured Open Source HR Articles

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A Closer Examination of Open Source Payroll Software
Open Source Payroll Software Open source technologies for businesses are starting to receive significant attention from organizations and analysts alike, especially when applied to mission-critical functions such as payroll processing and human resource management. In this article, we separate the fact from the fiction when it comes to open source payroll software benefits and risks.
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6 Open Source Pitfalls to Avoid
Open Source HR With the debate over the use of open source software for mission-critical applications heating up, this offers an opportunity to objectively consider the wider-scale opportunities and threats that open source HR software presents to organizations. With help from Ernst & Young, here we take that opportunity and explore open source HR software.
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Are You "Open" Minded? A Closer Look at Open-Source Human Resource Management
Open Source HR There is an undeniable wave of open source software solutions targeted at Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business intelligence systems to name a few. So HR professionals are beginning to ask, are open source HR systems readily available and ready for prime time? This article takes a deeper look.
3 stars
Assessing Open Source HR Management Software Success
Open Source HR Assessment While undoubtedly gaining in popularity, open source HR applications have a number of significant issues that must be addressed before mainstream adoption is likely to occur. Unfortunately, one of the most salient of these issues is the lack of concerted assessment that open source HR software adopters have taken on—often eschewing concrete evaluation figures for anecdotal evidence.



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