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NuViewHR is browser-agnostic and can be utilized through Internet Explorer or Firefox thanks to the system's use of web-standard tools such as HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, and JavaScript for display. Further, because the system doesn't require the installation of plug-ins or components on client machines, NuViewHR is a native thin-client solution that generally doesn't require client-side support, maintenance or upgrades.

System Integration Capabilities

Groupware integration with NuView is limited to email in the base package. However, integration to sync contacts, calendar appointments and tasks is available for an additional cost, as this is considered a paid enhancement.

Web service, XML, batch and NuView Toolset Import/Export capabilities are available to integrate with 3rd-party systems for benefits, payroll, finance and other applications. This is accomplished through different mechanisms with flexibility to integrate at the Database, Application or Presentation Layer. Specifically:

  • Database layer - This layer contains the NuViewHR database which sits on Microsoft SQL Server—where security is implemented. Within this layer, integration options include: internal/external SQL Scripts (which allow push-pull capabilities for directing data from tables/views); Data Transformation Services (DTS); and other SQL extensions/3rd-part programs supported by SQL Server. However, it should be noted that any structural changes that NuView HR makes will affect extensions (unless explicitly handled on the client and server side) and furthermore, extensions are not supported on systems which are hosted by NuView.
  • Application and Web service layer - This layer contains the NuViewHR Web Service which includes the business logic execution engine. Within this layer, integration involves SOAP-supported 3rd-party clients that have the ability to communicate to a Web Service Provider over standard http protocol. It should be noted that for this communication, NuViewHR Web Services Description Language (WSDL) is shipped with the system. Further, much like the extensions in the database layer, this integration option is not available for systems hosted by NuView.
  • Presentation and Web server layer - This is the transformation layer where the XML is transformed into displayable elements (HTML, JavaScript, PDF, etc.) using XSLT.
  • Inside the application - In this option, integration is done by establishing a sharing space for the data, outside of the NuViewHR application and the 3rd-party integrating program in order to respect the privacy of each application. In essence, both applications agree on a protocol about data format, availability, and transmission and can make changes on each side without affecting the other as long as those established protocols remain valid.

Software Customization Capabilities

Software customization within the NuViewHR solution is accomplished through the use of NuViewTools—an underlying toolset that allows clients to customize numerous aspects of the HR software (including the building and modification of workflows), without necessarily compromising future updates.

Business Process Automation (BPA)

The specific capabilities for workflow and business process automation include:

  • Notification engine: The notification engine allows a communication element to be created when a particular event gets triggered; either from data changes, date fields, or standard delivered workflow. This allows for business processes to send a notification that is targeted to a particular role at a particular time.
  • To do generator: A "To Do" task is really the audit trail for workflow processes. What this means is that the Business Process Flow is automatically tracked whenever an instance of that process flow is executed by a particular user.
  • Wizard builder: The Wizard Builder allows for a number of forms to be linked sequentially so that entering data on one form leads the user through subsequent forms as part of a wizard driven process.
  • Workflow designer: A crucial component of any Business Process Flow creation, the Workflow Designer allows each step in a business process definition to be handled based on the rules written into the Workflow Design. A casual look at a Workflow Design shows it to be like an XML document; however, you do not need to be a programmer in order to setup a Workflow Design. Anyone who understands simple syntax, and has reasonable knowledge of NuViewTools, should be able to set up sophisticated workflows.

Additional software customization capabilities for the NuViewHR suite include: custom themes (to closely match company colors, fonts, and style); NuView's "Table Designer" (for the creation, editing, or deletion of tables in the database.); NuView's "Form Designer" (for the management of page – or "form" – views within a workflow design); and NuView's Menu Designer (for the management of page/form order).

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