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NuView Systems HR Software Review


NuViewHR Strengths & Weaknesses

NuView's competitive positioning in the payroll and HR software industry is highlighted with the following strengths and weaknesses:

Nuview HR Software Strengths

  • Customers specifically reference the fact that the system is one of the most versatile, flexible, and user-adaptable systems in the HR software market—citing specific system highlights such as pay/deduction code customization through NuView's use of computation definitions.
  • Software customization capabilities—to forms, screens, menus, tabs, tables and fields—are strong, permitting customers to modify the HR software for unique business processes or functional requirements.
  • NuView's international offerings are competitively impressive.
  • In large part due to its relatively small size, NuView's customer support is stellar and consistently receives high marks (and resultant low churn) from clients. Customers report close interactions with company executives which creates a stronger partnership.
  • Because NuView's system is web-native as opposed to web-enabled, additional browsing and bandwidth tools such as 3rd-party licensing of Citrix or MS Terminal services are not needed.

Nuview HR Software Weaknesses

  • NuView's single-tenant architecture cannot deliver (for either the vendor or its clients) the hosting or cloud efficiencies and pace of innovation that more efficient multi-tenant modeled vendors can.
  • Despite the fact that NuView Systems has been a player within the HR software space for some time, the company is still by many estimates a "boutique" firm—a fact that decreases its ability to develop alliances, drive a robust user community, attract an ecosystem and compete in the larger market.
  • The UI (User Interface) is not aesthetically appealing and reveals a lack of design in this area as well as a lack of understanding about the consumerization of the IT. The UI is efficient, but falls far short of delivering a rewarding user experience.
  • Mobile functionality needs a drastic overhaul to be competitive with comparable vendors' functionalities and UXs (User Experiences).
  • The company's messaging and reach is unclear and subpar. NuView Systems has a great story to tell, but is not successful in getting that story heard.

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