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Dave Foxall netMEDIA Recruitment Software Review

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 By Dave Foxall

A Vendor Solution Brief for netMEDIA's E-recruiting Software

Founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 1998, netMEDIA is a privately-held software company whose specialization is in global eHR (particularly e-recruitment software). With offices in Jersey City, New Jersey and Shanghai, China, netMEDIA's mission is, "To provide cutting-edge recruitment technologies to assist Global 500 organizations recruit, hire and retain top-quality talent"—a goal that the company has largely delivered on. In fact, out of an immense field of contenders, 2009 saw netMedia placed in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for recruitment software as a leading niche player that was emerging from its Swiss base market to successfully bid for global contracts. The current position is that netMEDIA has built on that start and now has solutions implemented in over 85 countries and in 25 languages.

netMEDIA's Software Application Purpose

netMEDIA's e-recruitment software consists of five functional modules – Candidate Market, Graduate Recruitment, Online Assessment & Test, Job Management and Candidate management – all accessed via a job portal and managed by a Control module. As such, this recruitment software solution covers virtually all aspects of the hiring process, from candidate identification and pre-screening to selection and on-boarding. Further, the netMedia recruitment application offers the capability to manage multiple workflows and processes aligned to the client's organizational structure. Additionally, the system is flexible enough to comply with variations in regulation such as those from the OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) in the U.S. and strict privacy legislation throughout Europe. The key system features include:

  • Built-in regulatory and diversity tools for compliance with global regulations;
  • Configurable workflows to allow for adaptation to each country/region's hiring processes;
  • Interactive career site with resume parsing, mass hiring tools, and self-scheduling capabilities;
  • Detailed applicant tracking system (ATS) and contact management tools;
  • Automated job and offer approval functionality;
  • Mass communication and marketing capabilities;
  • Requisition and sourcing management features;
  • Candidate assessment tools;
  • Standard and ad-hoc reporting solutions (as well as robust database searching functions).

netMEDIA's Customer Target Market

With marquis customers such as IBM (for e-recruitment), Volkswagen, and Siemens (both for broader eHR applications), it's clear that the Global 500 organizations that netMEDIA aims for have a need for multiple language and currency support—typically for differing brands and processes in different countries (often driven by legal and/or cultural factors). Offering a high degree of flexibility, the company claims, "we can offer a truly global solution to companies looking to consolidate their global technologies."

netMEDIA's Perfect Prospect Profile (PPP)

netMEDIA exclusively focuses on large, complex organizations that – due to their cross-border operations and multinational employees – need a high degree of customizability from their software. netMEDIA provides a single solution that can be deployed across the entire organization regardless of geography and local compliance issues. In fact, Gartner's recommendation is that "multinational organizations with complex customized processes should assess netMEDIA."

netMEDIA's Technical Specs

As is the case with many e-recruitment applications, netMEDIA is a cloud recruitment software vendor; however, it should also be noted that this solution is built on a Java and IBM WebSphere stack/Oracle WebLogic.

netMEDIA's Primary Competitors

Other e-recruitment software vendors with a strong global emphasis and capability include Bond International, First Advantage, HRsmart, Kenexa, SAP and Lumesse.

Strengths of netMEDIA's Software

  • Excellent capacity for aligning with complex organizational structures and regional requirements within a global context.
  • Proven on the global field in multiple languages and cultures.
  • Strong capacity for integration with existing ERP and HRMS systems.
  • Incredibly intuitive user interface (UI) that few similarly-situated recruiting software vendors can compete with.

Weaknesses of netMEDIA's Select Software

  • Despite the New Jersey office, netMEDIA's profile is not as high in the U.S. as some of its competitors.
  • Limited social media capabilities which could present a serious problem for the company moving forward given the recruitment software industry's increasing social trajectory.
  • While solid, on-boarding functionalities need to be improved considerably to be able to actively compete against best-of-breed recruitment software vendors.

Bottom-line for netMEDIA's E-recruitment Software

Despite the fact that netMEDIA's software solution has yet to fully embrace the rising social media trend in e-recruitment, its current capability to meet the needs of global organizations appears strong. Indeed, in 2010, HR-Today magazine ranked netMEDIA #1 in an evaluation of 20 e-recruitment systems specifically targeted towards the needs of enterprise clients. The conclusion was that netMEDIA best supports, automates and enhances the core HR-processes. As HR-Today frames it, "The strength of the [netMedia] solution lies in its outstanding functionality depth and an intuitive and versatile user interface." End

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netMEDIA exclusively focuses on large, complex organizations that – due to their cross-border operations and multinational employees – need a high degree of customizability from their software.


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