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Infor Lawson HR Software Review


Lawson HCM Hosting and Software Pricing

Options outside of the traditional on-premise software deployment model include: a) leveraging Amazon's Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS); through what the company refers to as Lawson External Cloud, and b) Utilizing Lawson Managed Services for full hosting and application management (which includes services of patch/upgrade management; 24/7 critical incident support, modifications, upgrades, administration of software installations, database administration, and system maintenance). The latter option will largely appeal to those organizations lacking or wanting to forego the IT infrastructure and staffing needed to support an on-premise HR software system. The managed services data center (ping and power) is SSAE 16, and ISO 27001-certified and owned by Velocity (no information is available as to Lawson's certification status). Still, the former option of the Amazon EC2 public cloud is likely to appeal to a greater number of customers, and as such, bears further reflection.

Specifically, several elements of this hosted solution should be noted. For one, this hosting involves the same application that is delivered as an on-premise solution (an obvious benefit), but customers looking to migrate from the cloud to on-premise are restricted to Windows-only environments. Also, installation and management of this option will likely fall to Lawson staff, while the solution itself will operate in virtualized X64 servers with a Windows' OS. Further, the Lawson External Cloud is not multi-tenant, and as such, each customer is provisioned their own application instance. Most notably though for this option, is that Lawson's full ERP software solution is available in this cloud environment—one of the few ERP systems to be deployed in this manner. As such, customers looking to leverage more than just Lawson's HCM software, have that option with Amazon's EC2.

As well, Lawson also offers the new Test Drive with Amazon EC2—a temporary access option that allows Lawson customers the capability to test a solution before committing to purchase, and most importantly without altering any aspects of the customer's current Lawson environment.

Lawson HCM Hosting and Service Level Agreement

Organizations choosing to leverage Lawson's hosting through Amazon's EC2 are provided with a Service Level Agreement (SLA). However, the vendor declined to provide any significant details about this SLA, including what (if any) uptime is guaranteed and whether remunerations in the form of credits or monies would be given for SLA failure. That said, research into customers leveraging this hosted environment indicated a 99% uptime guarantee. Additionally, while separate from Lawson, Amazon provides an SLA of 99.95% guaranteed uptime for users of EC2.

Lawson Software Pricing

The Lawson HCM software solution is available through a hosted subscription model as well as through traditional licensing via a managed/on-premise deployment. While software pricing specifics were not provided by the vendor, it is known that subscription costs are largely based on the number of employees. Referred to as Lawson Flexible Subscription pricing, this model has customers pay an annual subscription fee (which includes: license, maintenance, managed services and Amazon Web Services/Hosting) with the option to convert subscription licenses to perpetual licenses for a lump-sum payment.

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Infor Lawson Review



Infor Lawson HCM Software Review



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