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Lawson HCM Review

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Lawson HCM Best Fit and Competitors

Sweet Spot
Though the company touts that Lawson HCM software is an appropriate fit for nearly any industry, Lawson plays well to, and packages offerings for, a number of specific industries; most notably aerospace, high-tech, pharmaceuticals, automotive suppliers, retail, manufacturing, and financial services. However, recent strategies have indicated that "micro-verticals" are a new focus for the company, and as such (given Lawson's relative success with developing industry solutions), companies that fall into the above broad categories would do well to evaluate and consider Lawson. That said, Lawson HCM software is best suited for organizations with 1K+ employees, as the company's sweet spot is clearly the mid-market company—a fact that matches up nicely with parent company Infor's focus. Marquis customers include: Olympus, Woolrich, MedStar Health, OEM, Pilot Travel Centers, and Cummins, Inc.

Short list Lawson HCM software when:

  • Your organization falls into one of Lawson's supported industry verticals.
  • Needing integrated talent management software such as Recruitment and/or Learning.
  • Your organization seeks an on-premise or hosted deployment model for a single-solution, end-to-end human capital management software solution.
  • Your organization has a hiring cycle that requires a best-of-breed on-boarding/off-boarding solution.

Alternative Solutions
Prospective HRMS or HCM software buyers should look to alternative solutions when:

  • Looking for best-in-class advanced business intelligence (e.g. predictive modeling) that can only be found through vendors such as Oracle, SAP, and Workday.
  • Your organization needs fully-integrated global payroll functionality.
  • Seeking best-of-breed social technology functionality.
  • Your organization is in need of best-of-breed HRMS and/or talent management functionality and comfortable with potentially utilizing multiple solutions to address HCM requirements.

Lawson HCM Competitors

Lawson directly competes with Oracle, SAP, Workday, Ultimate Software, and Microsoft for enterprise dollars. However, from a business intelligence standpoint, Oracle, SAP, and Workday outperform Lawson. Likewise, from a talent management perspective, all direct competitors except for Microsoft provide more robust offerings (though Oracle and Workday are distinctly missing certain functions such as Recruiting and Learning). Lawson's key differentiation points are its vertically-focused solutions and the fact that, in a market of fragmented software, the company can provide a single-source for true end-to-end human capital management.

Concluding Remarks

Prior to the Infor acquisition (and during the hey-day of on-premise solutions), Lawson had carved out a sizeable market share for itself; demonstrating to the HR software industry that the company certainly had something to offer as an alternative to SAP and Oracle. Unfortunately, Lawson leadership's failure to embrace emerging technologies partnered with Infor's purchase initially set the company back in terms of market caution and future growth. While SAP, Oracle, and Workday were all busy hammering out next-generation software products, the Lawson solution remained largely mute in terms of an innovation agenda—a move that inadvertently signaled to the industry that the company was out of touch with customer needs, and that little should be expected from this vendor in the future.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth; as evidenced by parent company Infor's latest integration initiative, ION. Indeed, while undeniably late to the game, Infor's efforts to establish a cohesive software strategy and offering is exactly what the company needs; and if Oracle's and SAP's latest efforts are any indication, what the industry wants. The trick for Infor, and by proxy Lawson, is to get these newer solutions to market as quickly as possible and disseminate the message that innovation is still alive and well with the company. This, partnered with Lawson's already existing deep, industry-specific solutions, could well put the company back in contention against SAP and Oracle and help stem the tide against up-and-coming HR software vendors. The current system is strong and has some definite positives working for it, but system deficiencies and antiquated technology will erode the customer base if steps aren't taken soon.

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Infor Lawson Review



Infor Lawson HCM Software Review



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