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Infor Lawson HCM Software Review


Lawson HCM Software—Additional Capabilities

Aside from the additional (and newly-developed) talent management capabilities of: Compensation Management (featuring functionalities for benchmarking, total compensation, pay-for-performance, and compensation planning/awarding); Goal Management (offering goal alignment and data cascading for business objectives); Learning & Development (providing basic functions for training plan design and implementation); Performance Management; Succession Management (for talent gap and performance tracking, with limited workforce planning utility); and Talent Acquisition (including Enwisen's stellar On-boarding/Off-boarding solution), Lawson's HCM software is highlighted with additional business capabilities described below.

Lawson HCM Analytics

As expected from a top-tier provider, Lawson's HCM software solution provides an impressive foundation for human capital management analytics through, reports, role-based dashboards, data warehousing, and integration with Business Objects. From a reporting perspective, Lawson provides custom report writing capabilities (through Crystal Reports) as well as 100+ pre-defined reports which are native to the Lawson system; can be quickly generated; can be formatted in XML, PDF, TXT, CSV, and Crystal; and may be scheduled to run on a repetitive basis using Lawson's Job Scheduler utility. Lawson also provides the wizard-driven reporting option of Lawson Add-Ins for Microsoft Excel and Word—which allow even novice users to directly access data from Excel or Word to create queries and reports while maintaining drill down functionality and security protocols. In turn, these reports can automatically be delivered in whole or in part to users based on those security parameters or users' roles without extra parsing—a process that Lawson refers to as "report bursting".

From a more advanced analytics perspective, Lawson provides functionality through Lawson's Business Performance Warehouse (BPW)—a model-driven tool that builds a multi-dimensional data warehouse from Lawson and non-Lawson data sources and is used as an analytical database for Business Intelligence tools. BPW implements extraction, transformation and load (ETL) for the data warehouse by point-and-click functionality with the option to leverage advanced coding if necessary and allows for data analysis of information stored in Hyperion Essbase and Microsoft OLAP data marts. Further, with the recently-introduced functionality of Lawson's analytic application builder Viewpoint for Business Intelligence, users can personalize reports and dashboards to align their preferences with their business information. Outside of these capabilities, unfortunately Lawson appears to lack the best-in-class analytical feature sets that solutions such as Workday, SAP, and Oracle provide—particularly in terms of data mining and predictive modeling.

Lawson Mobile Functionality

Mobile functionality for the Lawson HR software is decidedly advanced given the company's penchant for often lagging the competition in terms of innovation—a fact that supports Lawson's claims of "commitment to keeping pace with mobile trends". In fact, Lawson's mobile applications are available as native Apple iOS and Android applications, offering a surprisingly rich User Experience (UX) that is not only appropriate for the form factor, but also sits in stark contrast to several competitors' antiquated browser-based capabilities. Specifically, Lawson brings dynamic functionality in the form of mobile applications such as:

  • Lawson Mobile Requisitions—which extend the Lawson Requisition Center and allows users to access and create requisitions.
  • Lawson Mobile Employee—which extends the Lawson Employee/Manager Self-Service solution and provides many employee self-service functions available via traditional channels.
  • Lawson Mobile Inbasket—which extends the Lawson Processflow Integrator and provides "inbasket" approval features and process support.
  • Lawson Cloverleaf Global Monitor Mobile—which, while most applicable to Customer Relationship Management functions, extends the Lawson Cloverleaf Global Monitor and aids in organizational monitoring, diagnosis, and response support.

These Lawson mobile apps are no cost extensions of the Lawson applications and while available for the multiple devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android, and Android Tablets), RIM's Blackberry feature set is restricted to the Lawson Mobile Inbasket only.

Lawson HCM Social Technology

Social functionality for the Lawson HCM software solution is relegated to minor talent acquisition tasks (i.e. link-outs to job boards, LinkedIn, etc.) and basic learning management functions such as collaborative training. More in-depth feature sets for team collaboration, activity feeds, community capabilities, social performance, proactive social recruitment, and social learning; however, are decidedly absent from the system.

Lawson International Support

Though capable of supporting multiple languages and currencies through the Global Human Resources software module, the Lawson HCM software system is behind the majority of global HR software competitors when it comes to its worldwide feature set. That said, the company does have infrastructure features that can support highly-complex global and multinational organizations. For instance, organizational and reporting structures are both flexible enough to maintain multiple-country differences, and Lawson's fully-global employee record does include global employment contract management; comprehensive employee designation definitions; and 3rd-party solution management tools for localization. However, the bulk of the functionality that Lawson provides is geared towards supporting global talent management (hence it's placement in the Talent Management suite) rather than a global system of record—a significant difference that essentially equates to Lawson building out a framework without having the necessary foundation as a precursor.

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Infor Lawson HCM Software Review



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