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Ceridian HR/Payroll Software Review


Ceridian HR Software Strengths and Weaknesses

Competitive positioning in the Human Capital Management and HR software industry is highlighted with the following strengths and weaknesses.

Ceridian Payroll and HR Software Strengths

  • Solid Payroll functionality provides an avenue for integration with other best-of-breed talent management solutions.
  • Intuitive navigation and a simple UI keeps end-user engagement high and helps to shorten the learning curve for new adopters.
  • The up-and-coming comprehensive InView SaaS HR solution is an innovative product that will provide tangible benefits in terms of efficiencies and costs.
  • The FTC lawsuit's ruling boosted security levels for the company and software to some of the highest in the industry. While mandatory, these changes should mean that significant data security issues for the company are a thing of the past.
  • The access to financial resources provided by parent company Thomas H. Lee Partners has already given Ceridian an opportunity to re-build their HR software technology and could provide the edge to innovate again if the market shifts.

Ceridian Payroll and HR Software Weaknesses

  • The lack of a discernible visual software customization toolkit hints that significant system modifications are not easily performed, and thereby either require customers to revert to source code modifications or live without needed feature sets.
  • The number of acquisitions that Ceridian has undertaken has created a sizeable amount of "technical debt" especially given its propulsion towards cloud-based HR solutions. This could spell trouble for integration capabilities.
  • Global functionality is lacking compared to Ceridian's closest HR software competitors.
  • Damage to the brand from the well publicized security breach suit needs to be comprehensively fixed and managed (to prevent any possible recurrence), if the public's perception is to change.
  • Social media channels are lit up by disgruntled current and former employees of Ceridian. These comments remain unaddressed by Ceridian representatives, and hurt the already-damaged brand.
  • Ceridian's lack of social media tools and integration could become a serious detriment to the company for both existing products and InView.

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Ceridian Review



Ceridian HR/Payroll Software Review



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