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4 stars
Silkroad Talent Management Software Review
Silkroad Review SilkRoad Technologies’ Life Suite is a talent management software portfolio which includes the modules of OpenHire, RedCarpet, WingSpan, GreenLight, Eprise, and Point. These HR software applications are delivered from one of the industry’s most innovative and up-and-coming vendors. Here we examine Silkroad Technologies with regard to capabilities, limitations, strengths, weaknesses and viability.
4 stars
Social HR Applications: HR Processes That Make This Trend Tick
Social HR Social HR technologies run the gamut in terms of benefits and business processes, such as recruitment, onboarding, learning, policy creation, performance management, and recognition. Still, many HR and business leaders appear to be more concerned with social policing rather than utilization. Here, we identify the most salient and high impact areas where Social HR can be put to use.
3.5 stars
HR Technologies Continue M&A Activity
HR Tech Consolidation Acquisitions within the HR, payroll, and related technology landscapes are still in full force, with the latest purchases happening in recruitment and social networking. Here, we take a look at what the industry implications are for the latest acquisitions by Bullhorn of MaxHire and Sendouts, as well as Jive Software’s recent all-in buyout of Producteev and Meetings.io.
3.5 stars
Onboarding Applications: 4 Reasons You Need Them Now More Than Ever
Onboarding Applications Although the process of on-boarding has largely been separated from orientation; and an ever-increasing number of providers are coming to market with on-boarding applications, user adoption remains low. Here, we examine some of the benefits that business leaders should be cognizant of when weighing whether or not to pursue an automated on-boarding application.
3.5 stars
Social HR Technologies Beginning to Impact Full Employee Lifecycle
Social HR Apps Social HR technologies have been flying under the radar as of late and greatly expanding their scope of utility. This broad placement of social applications at the heart of multiple infusion points in the employee lifecycle though has created a sizeable amount of confusion about where and when social HR should be leveraged. This post highlights those 4 infusion points.
3.5 stars
How Millennials are Influencing Adoption of Social HR Technologies
Social HR Technologies The long awaited mass exodus of baby boomers from the workforce may not have happened yet, but employee populations are changing; in large part due to the influx of Millennials. More commonly known as Gen Y, this group has impacted Social HCM more than any generation prior; and in a range of ways. This infographic points out why you should be paying attention.

The Top 5 Open-Source Learning Management Systems
With the benefits of low acquisition costs and the utmost extensibility, open source has made major advances in the HR software industry. Here we identify the top 5 open-source Learning Management Software solutions along with our list of the positives and negatives. Read more ....

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4 stars
Workday Review—Cloud Innovation to the HCM Software Industry
Workday Review Workday is a clear leader in HRMS Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). With its growing revenue base, coveted technology, and global reach, this young company is poised to become a top HR software competitor. In this Workday HRMS review we examine strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and whether this industry leader is a fit for your organization.
4 stars
Oracle Fusion HCM Review—A New Solution From an Old Name
Oracle HCM Review Oracle's penchant for following rather than leading when it comes to software innovation has been a detriment in the past. However, the company's latest software offering, Oracle Fusion HCM, may well be a turn in the right direction and possibly a game-changer for the HR software industry. Here we examine this HCM software in depth, and look to answer whether the product lives up to the hype.
4 stars
SAP ERP HCM—Assessing an Industry Giant
SAP HCM Review SAP has a sizeable global footprint, a robust on-premise HR solution, and is still striving for innovation after 40+ years in the business. Our review of SAP's ERP HCM software asks and answers questions such as what are the relative strengths and weaknesses, who are the primary competitors and is this on-premise HCM software solution still on top or in decline?
3.5 stars
Infor's Lawson HCM Review—A Familiar Solution with Newly Acquired Life
Infor Lawson HCM Review Following the acquisition by Infor, many thought that Lawson's days of innovative HCM software solutions were over. Yet, Infor has proven to be an ally; injecting new life into Lawson HCM and bolstering a battle-tested solution. What our HCM review seeks to find out though, is what this new older solution really has in terms of strengths, weaknesses, and competitive advantage.
4.5 stars
Ultimate Software Review—A Unified Offering in a Fragmented Industry
Ultimate Software Review Ultimate Software has achieved one of the most successful transitions from traditional "on-premise" HR and payroll software to Software-as-a-Service and cloud HR, payroll and talent management solutions. Here we examine Ultimate's UltiPro Enterprise product to see if the solution hits your organization's "sweet spot", and to dive deeper into the software's strengths, weaknesses, and viability.

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