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NuViewHR Software Capabilities

HR Analytics

HR Analytics for the NuViewHR solution focus on access to data and comprehensive reporting. As it pertains to basic reporting, NuView's standard report library includes benefit statements, total compensation and compliance reports such as EEO-1, EEO-4, Vets 100, OSHA 200, 300, 300A & 301, HIPPA certificate and COBRA, as well as roughly 150 more pre-configured reports. However, NuViewHR also leverages a built-in ad hoc Report Writer and Query Design Tool which provide greater flexibility in creating reports against specific criteria. Varied user levels are supported, from novice to expert, in order to generate a specific report without having to involve IT.

The Report Writer is a visual layout tool used to deliver content (including drill down and multi-dimensional variables) from the underlying database. While the default report writer is Crystal Reports, NuView support can be made available for other report writers if required. It should be noted however that the Crystal Reports Server is also required in order to use Crystal Reports' layout files rather than NuViewHR's HTML layout which is available without Crystal Reports being present.

Another interesting feature of NuViewHR is the Query Design Tool (QDT). This data access tool is the starting point in creating a selection of records, sort order, and display fields for a multitude of purposes. This query tool can be used to start a report, perform a mass update, or select benefit eligibility criteria, just to name a few. It handles these tasks by exposing user tables and fields to the authorized user for access—utilizing natural language query and form model query for ease of use. More advanced users may also query data with SQL statements. Adding to this query design functionality is the fact that additional fields (even tables) can be added using NuView's underlying toolset.

With a comprehensive report library, available report writers and some advanced features such as report scheduling and point-in-time reporting (with unlimited history), NuViewHR reporting covers the basics. However, the HR software solution doesn't step up to more advanced Business Intelligence (BI) or HR analytics such as dynamic dashboards, data warehousing, data mining, online analytical processing (OLAP) and predictive modeling.

International Support

Given its small size relative to the other major payroll and HR software vendors within the space, NuView's international capabilities are well-represented with the following global features:

  • Languages - With underlying support for Unicode and double byte characters, NuView delivers several language sets including English, French, Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Malaysian, Czech, Korean, Swedish, Thai, Russian, Polish, Vietnamese, Italian, Latvian, Danish and Portuguese. As well, company representatives indicate that additional languages are on the product roadmap (though specific details of which languages were not disclosed). Users may also configure dates in the format appropriate to their country.
  • Localization of Forms - Forms within the HR software can be translated into a different language without software programming. Labels, on most forms and screens, can be displayed in the user's native language. The actual process of changing labels into multiple languages is as simple as changing data in a table. Data fields can then be marked as an "International" data field allowing any field to store data in any language. However, while simple, it is also likely that when a single translated term gets propagated everywhere it is used throughout the HR system, it may lose context in some instances.
  • Currency Management – NuView's solution supports multi-currency management and exchange rate calculations through the tracking of both local and corporate currencies (also referred to as "base" and "natural" currencies).
  • Data Privacy/Country-Specific Rules – Forms and workflows in the NuView HR software support line item customizations at the command level, based on security and internationalization needs. Data privacy needs are managed through a robust, role based security model at the individual or group level.
  • International Regulator – One of the more impressive features of the Nuview solution, this offering enables HR administrators to easily manage employee data, define fields and controls, hide or show menus and tabs, and configure other items by country, within the standard HR software product, and without special programming or software customization. While certain universal concepts (such as action dates) need to be present regardless of locale, other concepts (such as collecting certain personally identifiable information about employees) are unique to particular countries. NuView's International Regulator addresses this functionality through a dynamic "toggle-type" feature that can be configured by the user to capture the specific information (in the specific format) needed for a particular location. For example, if a country such as France cannot collect employee data pertaining to race or ethnicity, those data entry elements are not present. If a country, such as Canada, needs to collect the Social Insurance Expiry Date, then that data entry element is present for that country.

In addition, it should be noted that outside of the U.S. NuView has very few "feet on the street", and in all actuality has only one substantive international sales office; located in London.

Mobile Functionality

Mobile capabilities for the NuView software are distinctly lacking, as only basic administrative tasks (though including HR approvals) are supported. Further, though the browser approach that the company leverages does provide access to the HR system (through smart phones, Web Television, and Tablets), this makes for an exceedingly slow and tedious user experience that is simply not designed for this form factor. At this point, given that the company does not appear to have dedicated the serious resources needed to develop a mobile application that is native for mobile devices, customers will have to wade through NuView's current browser-based offering until further capabilities are unveiled. Of course NuView could opt to leverage the newer HTML5 approach (which provides the device agnostic capabilities and interactive feature set both the company and industry needs); however, given the fact that no indication by the company has been made as to the leveraging of this specific technology in their product roadmap, it's simply too soon to tell whether this is a direction the company will pursue.

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