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Deemed as Manager Self-Service (MSS), the ability to use software to automate administrative functions for managers delivers time savings and payback. Promotions, job requisitions, employee leave work-ups, and compensation changes, are all examples of HR tasks that are best performed by the managers themselves. And because changes can be made 24/7, they can be made as-needed; reducing time and costs on low-value administrative work. Although these self service software solutions are widely available, usage is still sparse given high deployment costs, and much-needed change management guidance. Manager Self Service

Manager Self Service Software
Hiring an employee, reviewing staff compensation, or conducting a performance appraisal, are all examples of tasks that can be automated through Manager Self-Service (MSS) software. With self service software, managers have immediate access to data for smarter decision-making; HR is freed up from non-strategic administrative tasks; and processes can be controlled on-demand.

Featured Management Self Service Articles
Featured Articles

3 stars
From Employee to Manager: Taking Self-Service to New Heights
Manager Self Service Manager Self-Service solutions automate administrative tasks that either require approval or support of a manager's position from an HR standpoint. Promotions, job requisitions, employee leave and compensation changes are routine examples of the types of tasks that are seen as being best performed by the managers themselves, rather than HR. This article examines the extended value of self service.
3 stars
4 Key Metrics for Manager Self-Service Software Success
Manager Self Service Metrics MSS software tools improve usage of employee time usage; efficiency of HR service delivery; and savings in operating costs. Yet, the rate of satisfaction is often situated lower than similarly-positioned functionalities. By capturing on-going measurement of tangible improvements, MSS technology usage can be guided—ensuring control, and ultimately improving that satisfaction.
3 stars
Manager Self-Service Software: How to Engage Managers in MSS
MSS Manager Self-Service software capabilities have become nearly ubiquitous, especially in larger enterprises. However, payback objectives remain elusive for many. While the cost and efficiency benefits are well-established, they can only be realized if and when management users are properly engaged. As such, a manager engagement strategy is needed to fully leverage the system and earn payback.
3 stars
5 Reasons Manager Self-Service (MSS) Software Initiatives Fail to Deliver
Manager Self Service Software Manager Self-Service (MSS) Software applications are gaining organizational and market momentum thanks to the strategic gains that are possible with improved HR process automation. However, in order for MSS advances to be realized, specific actions must be taken—including an active change management program—and 5 specific pitfalls must be avoided.
3.5 stars
Post-Implementation Manager Self-Service Application Priorities
Manager Self Service Software Improvements Implementing any HR technology is only the beginning of the organizational process; and Manager Self-Service (MSS) software tools are no exception to this rule. By leveraging a philosophy of constant improvement, organizations can drive up MSS software utilization, further optimize business processes, and more closely tie the MSS application to corporate strategic goals.
4 stars
Manager Self-Service: 3 Ways to Increase Adoption Rates
Manager Self Service Software Adoption Manager Self-Service (MSS) applications are “in” thanks to the spate of HCM innovation happening. And while undoubtedly beneficial if leveraged correctly, far too many organizations are falling into the same pitfalls that plague other enterprise application implementations—securing leadership stakeholder buy-in, focusing on functionality, and phasing the new system in.



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