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Top 20 Human Capital Management Software Links

The Web can serve as both a fantastic place for seeking out volumes of research as well as an inordinate waste of time for anyone seeking solid and trusted information on a given topic. Never fear, HRlab has done the legwork for you on all things HCM. Here, in no particular order, are the 20 top links and resources for HR executives and HCM technology professionals. The top spots for this list are entirely up to you, as it would seem that delineation depends completely on what you're personally looking for in a resource. Perhaps you're looking for a tight-knit user community; or maybe it's the latest HCM software news. Then again, you could be looking for something else entirely. Whatever the case may be, we've included a short description of each link to help you sort the list at a glance, easily narrow down the field, and quickly determine which links may become your personal favorites.

  1. Senior analyst at Forrester Research, Claire Schooley covers a host of technical solutions from Human Resources Management Applications to IT Management, and Learning Strategy to Performance Management. Catch up on her research at her Forrester blog.

  2. Formerly of consultancy firm Knowledge Infusion, Jason Corsello is now the VP of Corporate Development and Strategy at Cornerstone OnDemand. He still keeps up a great site though, and still provides an HR technology guru's take on things at The Human Capitalist.

  3. Chief Human Resources Officer for Kinetix, an RPO firm for growth companies, Kris Dunn displays a strong interest in areas like recruiting and performance management. Though he is most focused how HR practice, technology and business results align in today's organizations, his stellar track record allows him to be attentive to the many areas that impact HR Generalists through his blog, The HR Capitalist.

  4. Always opinionated and rarely duplicated, William Tincup has a unique take on the HR industry and HCM technology; sharing it every chance he gets on content-packed sites like Fistful of Talent. Widely regarded as one of the country's leading thinkers on social media application for human resources, William is a true expert on adoption of HR technology and has been in the HR-blogosphere since 2007.

  5. As a consultant with Strategic Dynamics, Jon Ingham helps organizations improve in the areas of engagement and effectiveness. His Strategic HCM Blog works to help people understand that Human Capital Management goes way beyond being "just a new name" for HR; rather it places value on the vast capabilities of an organization's people.

  6. With over 15 years of experience as a consultant, vendor, and practitioner in the HR scene, Bryon Abramowitz is truly passionate about how people, process, and technology intersect to achieve the best business outcomes. A strategist at heart, Bryon strives to help readers of The HR Technologist embrace the all-important areas of process transformation, technology selection, and deployment program management.

  7. Working with organizations ranging from telecommunications to higher education, Steve Boese has spent the past 15 years focused on how implementing technology solutions can help his clients overcome their business obstacles. As a current member of the Product Strategy team at Oracle, Steve is devoted to helping build and deploy an amazing set of HCM solutions for all kinds of organizations and shares these insights at Steve Boese's HR Technology.

  8. As a former IT consultant and the current Director of Technology at Knowledge Infusion, Mike Krupa shares an array of valuable information on HR technology topics at Infobox. A highly skilled HR technology professional, Mike is the go-to source for all aspects of managing HR and IT applications, including design, development, implementation, upgrade, and selection.

  9. An international speaker with expertise in leadership, employee relations, performance management, training & development, change management, social media, and innovation, Trish McFarlane shares her vast knowledge with audiences everywhere. Her practical and real-life examples of leadership in organizations always captivate her readers at HR Ringleader.

  10. Focusing on both business and technology as he drives the global research agenda, Mark Smith is a true expert in the fields of Information Management, Performance Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics. As the CEO and Executive VP of Research at Ventana, Mark shares expert guidance and vital insights at Ventana Research.

  11. Technology industry expert and Founder at TechVentive, Brian Sommer has the warranted reputation of being a true leader in the software application business. He shares his passion for how enterprise technology applies to business in our 21st century world through his the ample and informative Enterprise Irregulars.

  12. Inflexion Advisors offers high quality information and guidance to its readers, everyone from HR executives to industry analysts to service providers. Founder Mark Stelzner is a highly respected and truly influential thought leader in the HR community.

  13. Talent Acquisition Software Advisor Sarah White has worked the gamut of HR technology and talent acquisition. Her HR Tech Blog reflects her extensive knowledge on these and other current HR technology topics, including recruiting, talent management, and applicant tracking.

  14. Analyst Naomi Bloom is considered one of the industry's leading consultants, offering insight and sage advice through the popular In Full Bloom. Her involvement with the HR technology scene since its beginning has garnered her much-deserved respect and esteem.

  15. The great vision and strategy of Jason Averbook, co-founder and CEO of Payroll Software, has helped lead the consulting firm in being one that is driving change in the industry. The site's motto states, "we know human capital" and their worldwide success indicates that they surely do.

  16. As the managing Vice President at Gartner Research, Jim Holincheck coordinates the gifted HR Technology team, which is known for providing crucial information to organizations as they make software selections. His BlogERP is real gift, as it offers extensive information on Human Capital Management solutions.

  17. Founding guru of the HR Technology Conference, Bill Kutik is one of the most stalwart sources of HCM technology information in the industry. Aside from his work with HR Executive Online, Bill also moderates the HR Technology Conference LinkedIn group that has grown to 10K+ members and boasts some of the best technology discussions an HR professional can get their hands on. Catch up with Bill through his HRE Online column.

  18. As the editor of HRExaminer and organizer of the HR Demo show, John Sumser has earned his stripes as an expert on a variety of technology trends and topics. The industry looks to John's thought leadership as a cutting edge guide in the realm of HR technology.

  19. The anonymous author, "Dubs," has created an accessible, highly informative, and advanced blog in Systematic HR, which describes itself as "the intersection between HR Strategy and HR Technology." With a goal of maximizing the employee experience while enhancing an organization's strategic capabilities, this site offers a wealth of information focused on technology and the most vital tools of the trade.



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